Data Entry Tools

Data Entry

We have produced several tools to help you turn your paper recording sheets into digital files that can be easily archived. If you have data from a survey that didn't use our recording system, please see our additional guidance on Dealing with Legacy Data (pdf).

These tools should be used with the accompanying guidance on Data Entry (pdf) and Copyright and Personal Data (pdf) - this latter document is particularly important if your burial ground has been active in the past 100 years.

Once you have completed digitising your survey data, please see our guidance on Archiving (pdf).

Online Forms
Survey Details Form Use this form to set up your survey. Once submitted, you will receive an email with a link to your own Google Sheets spreadsheet for your survey. Use Online
Memorial Details Form Once you have set up your survey, use this form to start digitising your memorial records. Your responses will automatically be added to the Google Sheets spreadsheet for your survey. Use Online
Microsoft Excel (.xslx) The Excel version of our spreadsheet. Use Offline
OpenOffice/LibreOffice (.ods) The OpenOffice/LibreOffice version of our spreadsheet. This only works with version 6.0+ of LibreOffice, and be aware that save and processing times can be slow. Use Offline
Google Sheets The Google Sheets version of our spreadsheet. You will need to be signed into a Google Account. To use, open the spreadsheet using the link to the left. Then, in the spreadsheet, choose 'File' > 'Make a copy'. Save the copy to 'My Drive'. Upon saving, the new file will open and you can start adding data. To get back to your spreadsheet, search for it in your Google Drive. Use Online or Offline (click 'File' > 'Make available offline')